Have you filed your taxes yet? The 2017 tax filing deadline of April 18 is rapidly approaching. While it’s human nature to want to wait as long as possible to file, many taxpayers procrastinate until the very last minute. Unfortunately, that means they get in a hurry when they do start working on their returns. And just like when you were in school and waited until the last minute to study or write a paper, you’re more prone to making errors. The tax preparation professionals at Blackwell’s Tax Service want to help you avoid any hassle if you should choose to file your taxes yourself. Be aware of these common last-minute mistakes people make on their income tax returns.

  1. Incorrect personal information. Sometimes the most basic information is the most important. Your name should be spelled correctly and your address and Social Security number should be accurate. Simple mistakes like this could cause your income tax return to be rejected.
  2. Wrong filing status. The IRS offers lots of information to help you decide which filing status you should choose. Pick the wrong one and you’ll run into problems.
  3. Forgotten forms. There are lots of situations that require you to include additional forms. These include forms for itemized deductions, interest, dividends, business profits and losses, self-employment, and capital gains. These additional pieces of paperwork aren’t optional. They’re just as vital as the main part of your tax return.
  4. Forgotten signatures. If you file a paper return, it must be signed. If you file jointly, your spouse must sign the return, too.

Of course, the best way to avoid making last minute mistakes on your tax returns is to take them to a tax preparation professional. Blackwell’s Tax Service is here for you all the way up to filing day. Our tax preparers take the guesswork out of getting your taxes done. Best of all, we don’t just stand behind the accuracy of our work—we’ll also make sure you’re getting the most tax deductions and credits possible. Call us today and let us help you get your taxes filed on time!