There are lots of things that come along with a new year. Maybe you made some resolutions or are making a fresh start in one or more areas of your life. But flipping the calendar to January also brings with it the beginning of tax season. While you’re collecting documents from your employer, bank, or local government, you’re also thinking about how your taxes will be prepared this year. Should you choose professional tax preparation services or should you do them yourself? Blackwell’s Tax Service in Fort Mill, SC would like to offer you the following advice as you make your decision.

First, you should realize that tax laws are complicated. Tax preparation professionals have received extensive training in the IRS code. Additionally, they complete continuing education every year to stay up-to-date on the latest changes. If you attempt to do your own taxes, you’re trying to figure everything out on the fly. Professionals deal with the tax law every day, all year long.

Next, know that professional tax preparers are better able to find deductions and credits that you may miss. Whether you’re doing taxes the old-fashioned way or using a DIY computer program, there are many opportunities you may miss. Working with a real person can greatly increase the chances that you’ll get the maximum deduction you deserve according to the law.

Finally, a professional tax preparer gives you backup. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that an expert is filing your taxes, you’ll also know that you have someone in your corner. Should you get audited, your tax professional will represent you. An software program can’t do that!

Don’t take a chance on your taxes this year. Call Blackwell’s Tax Service for professional tax preparation in the Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC area. You’ll quickly see why your friends and neighbors have trusted us with their taxes since 1979.