The beginning of a new year is a fresh start for each of us. From a financial perspective, taking the time to focus on outstanding debt now will help you throughout the rest of the year. As one of the top tax services near you in Fort Mill, SC, Blackwell’s Tax Service has some advice about how to get your money under control. Here are five ways you can get out of debt this year:

  1. Practice saying “no” – If you’re going through a back-and-forth debate over a purchase, then it’s not worth it! If someone tries to convince you to buy something you don’t need, just say no. Don’t force yourself to buy something you really don’t need. Instead, save that money or use it to pay off other debts.
  2. Join the coupon movement – Coupons are designed to get you the best deals possible. However, make sure to only use coupons on products you purchase on a regular basis. This way you aren’t stockpiling unnecessary items or wasting money needlessly.
  3. Avoid going out for meals – Try to avoid spending money at coffee shops and restaurants. While convenient, these outings can really deplete your bank account. Instead, try cooking at home and inviting friends over.
  4. Break up with unused memberships – If a recurring monthly charge (like a gym membership) is doing absolutely nothing for you, it’s time to say goodbye. Think about the money you spend on monthly services, then cut off the ones you aren’t using so you can save those dollars.
  5. Find a side hustle – Do you have any talents or interests that could help you make a little extra cash to pay down your debts? Pet sitting, yard work, and other services are beneficial to your community and will bring in money that can be applied to your debts.

Applying your income tax refund to your bills is another smart way to pay off debt. Call Blackwell’s Tax Service to schedule your individual income tax preparation. Our tax services near you in Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC are accurate and professional.