When it comes to your business and its finances, you want to work with the right professionals to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. You can’t trust your recordkeeping to just anyone, so who should you call in Fort Mill or Rock Hill, SC  to offer you sound advice? For matters regarding money, most businesses turn to bookkeepers or accountants to handle the job. But which service will be the best for you? At Blackwell’s Tax Service, we’d like to explain the differences between bookkeeping and accounting:

A bookkeeper does what their title suggests: they keep up with the financial documentation of a business and maintain all the records of a business’s transactions. Like accountants, bookkeepers have to have certain licenses in order to perform work for a business. Most often, businesses will have a bookkeeper and an accountant, with the bookkeeper being the main communicator between the business managers and the accountant. They may also handle data entry for a business, take care of payroll, and be the go-to source for routine financial reports.

Accountants will be able to handle the books or discuss the transactions of the business with a bookkeeper. But they can also run reports on expenses and earnings, analyze the business and its processes, and offer financial strategies and advice. An accountant will either discuss the reports with a business manager or hand them over to the bookkeeper to be passed along.

If you need expert bookkeeping and accounting services, please call Blackwell’s Tax Service today. We’ll help you figure out which services you need. Trust our expertise when it comes to your business financial documentation, financial reports and analysis, business taxes, and more in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and York County areas of South Carolina. We want to be a partner in your company’s success!